A day in Koh Racha

“Take my family and I, to paradise islands, Koh Racha islands, please”. This morning, Jack from UK booked a Premium tour for 6 persons, on our website in a few clicks ! After receiving confirmation of the payment and the schedule, we exchanged a few mails to answer his questions. What to see, how far it is…

A few hours from crowded Phuket

The great aspect of Phuket is that you have so many islands around that you can easily espace from the crowd, especially during the peak season. In less than an hour, you can find yourself on an deserted beach ! So, compared to the Phuket, Koh Racha could be summarized in 3 words : Peace, Serenity, Balance.

The islands of Racha are composed of Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. Also known as Ko Raya Yai and Ko Raya Noi, those islands are twin islands off the southeastern coast of Phuket. You might wonder why there are many islands with the same name. It just means that those islands are really closed to each other. To differentiate it, Thais add a word like Yai for “big” and Noi, for “small”.

If you want to go to the islands, you should go with the best rental phuket speedboat, Speedboat Xperience 🙂 Above all, you should always do this cruise with a highly qualified team of real sailors. It takes XX hours to get there with our speedboat Donzi and XXX hours with our speedboat, Redneck.

The amazing islands of Racha

This island has preserved all its authenticity and natural charm. The island is still powered by electricity only a few hours in the evening !  With Racha Yai’s white sand beaches and expanding accommodations, Racha Yai is growing in popularity. Many people come to Racha for its peace. But divers come for its amazing deep water wrecks, deep ocean boulders, crystal clear blue waters and coral reefs. This said, you have to picture yourself diving with the Seabob, it’s a one in a kind experience… Especially in this amazing part of the Andaman Sea.

Speedboat Xperience will take him to the South Point Beach, then to the Siam Beach and to Koh Thanan. Plus, some secrets spots that we cannot reveal in this blog 😉 You have to book your tour to discover the magnificent and deserted best spots, that only locals know.

If you want to take your friends or your family on a magical day, just click here to book your tour to heaven ! Speedboat Xperience will take care of everything for you ! We guarantee you to spend unforgettable moments in a friendly atmosphere. : snorkeling, seabob etc. You can either email us contact@speedboatxperience.com or call us at +66612480285 or directly click here to book your next trip!

We will make you dream faster !




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