The best family day ever !

What a family day… Let me share with you this incredible cruise we went to and that we will cherish for the rest of our life !

But first, a bit about my family & me !

I am Jenny, 41 years old, living in London with my dear husband Paul and our 2 kids John (16 years old) & Ben (12 years old). We are that kind of normal typical family… Everyone is busy doing their own things. We are rushing all week long and barely seeing each other. Conversation during diners time are often replaced by watching screens, from smartphone to TV. And days go by…

I felt that I had to do something before our family comes apart. Therefore, to break this routine, i booked us a one week vacation in Phuket all together and started to plan family activities.

Choosing Speedboat Xperience was such a great choice !

While organizing our vacation, i tried to match with everyone’s taste. That was the easy part as my 3 men love experiencing speed and extreme ! So, searching on the web for everything Phuket has to offer, i discovered Speedboat Xperience.

“The fastest speedboats of Phuket”… imagine my first thoughts… OMG, it must be too dangerous ! So I decided to call Speedboat Xperience and talked to the co-founder Xavierand i take the opportunity of this article to thank him again, as i may have sounded a bit of crazy over the phone). He was such a kind person, explaining me all about the safety and their professionalism. When I hang up, i was the one super excited to go on that speedboat !

Krabi, here we come !

We chose the cruise to Koh Phi Phi and Krabi, on the magnificent Redneck speedboat. As agreed, the team of Speedboat Xperience came to our hotel to pick us up, direction to the Marina. Then, we have been welcomed with a delicious cocktail and a juice for the children. They showed us the speedboat, explained us the machine and started the engine…

What a blast !!! What a fantastic speedboat, we were amazed and all giggling to be onboard. It gave us goose bump… And truly, safety is their main priority, besides our comfort & pleasure on board. All day long, the team was at our service, making sure that we didn’t need anything. What we appreciated the most is that we had the great opportunity to learn a lot thanks to them, about the fauna & flora. They know so much about it !

As many of the most beautiful beaches can only be accessed by boat, they took us to the most amazing secrets spots that only them can know about. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, fascinating coral reefs, caves and waterfalls, as well as numerous islands, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi are beyond words…

Oh and you should try the seabob.. it is so much fun ! Easy to use even for a kid and very safe, the seabob is the best way to dive and discover the underworld. The kids loved it so much that they didn’t want to come back to the Marina.

If you want some fun, go with Speedboat Xperience !

It’s hard to summarize in a few words our cruise, as much as it was magical to live. I wanted our family to reconnect and spend some quality time together, away from their smartphone & playstation.. I couldn’t imagine better team, better day, better speedboat, better destination.. Speedboat Xperience team is among the nicest people i had the chance to meet. They have been very helpful from the booking to the cruising, always on our side and still being very discreet to let us enjoy our day as a family.

I cannot wait to come back to Phuket and book another trip, to another beautiful island and this time, we will book a 3 days trips including nights on different islands.

So, if you feel like have a lifetime experience like us, just book your trip to heaven by mail or by call at +66612480285 or directly click here

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