The End of Buddhist Lent

The celebration of the End of Buddhist Lent (most known as Wan Ok Phansa in some parts of Thailand) is happening this week in Thailand. Speedboat Xperience gives you an overview of this very important holiday and its deep meaning.

The End of Buddhist Lent (Wan Ok Phansa or Awk Phansa)

Awk Phansa celebrates the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent period. But it also matches with the traditional end of the rainy season. Because let’s say the truth ! From June to October, be prepared for clouds, downpours and heavy rain… So, you can be sure that the country is wildly happy to see the rainy season ending..

As you may know, the Thai lunar calendar or Tai calendar, is a lunisolar Buddhist calendar. It is used for calculating lunar-regulated holy days. Literally, the thai calendar summarizes specific days according to lunar norms. Further, the final day of the Buddhist Lent period falls on the full-moon day of the eleventh lunar moon.

The Buddhist belief behind the celebration

This day commemorates when Buddha descended back to earth after spending three months in heaven where he had visited his mother. His return was greeted by his followers with gifts of food. Therefore, Thai Buddhists celebrate this event by visiting the temples and making merit.

Rain Retreat

Buddhist Lent is also often referred to as the “Rains Retreat”. During those three month of rainy season, Buddhist monks don’t travel as the rest of the year; They usually stay at a single monastery. Being a monk a some stage of a life is very ordinary in Thailand. Either for a short period of time, or longer, most of Thai men become Buddhist monk.

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