James Bond Island on Phang Nga Bay

Located in Phang Nga Bay, the “James Bond Island” has become a major attraction. Speedboat Xperience can take you there in high speed !

The man with a golden gun

The man with the golden gun… His eye may be on you or me. Who will he bang? We shall see. Oh yeah!

Do those lyrics ring a bell to you ? It is from the soundtrack The man with a golden gun“, the worldwide famous James Bond movie. Directed by Guy Hamilton in 1974, this film forever stamped the Kingdom of Thailand, which baptized an island in its honor, the “James Bond island” !

The James Bond movie

The film takes place at the time of the first oil shock (1973), the dominant theme of the scenario. At that time, the UK has not yet recovered from the crisis. James Bond, aka Roger Moore, is sent to search for Sol-X Agitator, a machine capable of collecting solar energy. With a 90% efficiency, this solar energy collector is a precious treasure, not meant for all hands..

As the island is dotted with rocks of all shapes and sizes, the main antagonist “Pistols” Scaramanga uses the mushroom-shaped rock of the island to hide it ! Therefore, those scenes have made millions of tourists eager to discover the magical beauty of the region, and travel alongside 007……

The James Bond Island

Ko Khao Phing Kan, the proper name of the James Bond Island, consists of two forest-covered islands with steep shores. These rocks and islands are part of the beautiful island area of Phang Nga bay in Thailand. Phang Nga is a Thai province, located eastern to the province and Island of Phuket.

Part of Ao Phang Nga National Park, Ko Khao Phing Kan are limestone tower karsts, with a few caves and two sandy beaches. The most famous rock there is called Ko Tapu or Ko Tapoo, with its mushroom shape. Once you discover this impressive sight, you’ll smile watching again the movie and remembering those massive rocks !

How to get to Phang Nga bay

Speedboat Xperience organizes personalized excursions in Phang Nga bay, as well as formulas adapted to your needs. We can set up for you, a marvellous stay of 2 or 3 days, if you desire. Our speedboats are the fastest of Phuket, which is very convenient in order to get there before everyone !

SpeedBoat Xperience takes you on a journey worthy of James Bond to the Bay of Phang Nga. Our crew is well-known and appreciated for its professionalism, experience and know-how.

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