Renewal of our vows after 20 years

I still remember his awkward attitude of this tall guy, offering me a beautiful flower for the first time. I will always remember being overwhelmed by this feeling of pure love & serenity, while looking at him. A few years later, i married my best friend, my boyfriend and my best confidant. Then, after 20 years of marriage and 2 beautiful kids, i wanted to celebrate our happiness and strong love, in a very special way. Therefore i surprised my family by organizing the best trip ever, for the renewal of our vows, with my best friend and husband ! Nothing could have happened with the great help & kindness of the team of Speedboat Xperience. In sign of my eternal gratitude, i will share with you this one in a lifetime experience !

From a Direct Message on Instagram to the best trip ever

We live in Geneva, therefore, we always dream of sun and endless beaches. By chance, i got on the instagram’s profile of Speedboat Xperience. I started to just picture ourself on one of those speedboats, heading south to a beautiful island. Then, the image haunted me for days. I had to make it happen. In fact, we are working so much that we barely to succeed to take vacation. But this time, it would be a full week, without phones, and all together !

I cleared the agenda for the whole family, booked plane tickets & hotel (thanks to the great advices of Xavier, in charge of Speedboat Xperience). And this was it, we were heading to Phuket ! On the same day, i set up a nice table and announced that the whole family were all invited to our renewal. You should have seen their happy faces, priceless ! Each couple that considers renewal has their own personal reason for choosing to do so, for me, the idea of having our children participate in a ceremony where their parents demonstrate that we would do it all over again seems like as good a reason as any.

Similan Islands, aka heaven on earth

Following Xavier’s best recommandation, I chose the Similan islands on the Blacklist Donzi. We exchange a few emails and everything was booked, set & done ! The team came to pick us up at the hotel, then straight to the Marina. The boys were so excited, they barely slept the night before.. Actually, I have to admit that we were all excited to live this memorable day. The program has been so smooth and easy. After arriving at the Similan islands, we had a little ceremony with flowers and champagne, exactly like i dreamed of. And then, the rest is History ! A delicious meal was waiting for us at the restaurant and we kept celebrating this beautiful day all together. The best out of this day : everything is handled by Speedboat Xperience, so we only focused on ourself, as a family.

I will always be grateful for all the hard work of Speedboat Xperience to make that day as perfect as i could dreamed of. Reaffirming our commitment was a real milestone for us. We have been luckily happy for 20 years and we look forward many more years together ! If you want to live a special day, a unique experience, just contact them, they will make it happened ! By email : or by phone at +66612480285 .

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