Live the Seabob adventure

You love to dive in the sea ? You will love our Seabob, the fastest underwater scooter ! This is an exclusivity of Speedboat Xperience.

Dive like a dolphin with the seabob

Did you always dream of exploring the Great Barrier Reef ? To go tease the fishes ? This is possible with the seabob !

The seabob is a high-end machine that can hardly be described but could have appeared in films featuring the adventures of our favorite secret agent: James Bond. Halfway between a jet ski and an underwater scooter, the seabob is the successful fusion between nautical sports and water sports.

A seabob is the ultimate high-performance craft, the world’s fastest underwater scooter. This engine makes you float on the water but can also descend down to, downright, 40 meters deep. It allows you to tow on or under water at impressive speeds. It only remains to hang behind and take you for a dolphin.

Hang on to the two side handles and this futuristic machine will allow you to multiply the sensations outside the water and under the surface. It is driven by two handles, which are clamped and which allow to manage the power. Every age can have fun with our Seabob…

The Seabob adventure is only available with Speedboat Xperience

This Seabob will become your best water toy ! And only Speedboat Xperience is the private rental charter to offer this extraordinary experience to you. The seabob is part of the cruise you can book, to any island around Phuket you would like to visit.

Regardless of your location in Phuket, Speedboat Xperience comes to pick you up. So you can enjoy a personalized and customized VIP reception. Speed Boat Xperience tailors your needs to offer you unique moments surrounded by stunning tropical landscapes and seascapes of Phuket islands.

Immerse yourself in one of the famous dive sites of Phuket. So, if you feel like have a lifetime experience, just book your trip to heaven by mail or by call at +66612480285 or directly click here.

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