The top 5 best beach sunsets of Phuket

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happen, every day can end beautifully ! As you came to Phuket for spending the best time of your life, we thought to give you our best top 5 spots from where to watch the sunset. But first, here are the reasons why you should at least try one of the spots we recommended you.


Taking the time to watch sunset

No doubt that sunsets are highly romantic, inspiring, even utterly Instagram-able. Still it’s something that most of people don’t make time for sunsets. But they should ! Seriously. By witnessing the beauty and awe of the sunset, you can slow down your perception of time. Experiences of awe bring people into the present moment, which underlies awe’s capacity to adjust time perception, influence decisions, and make life feel more satisfying than it would otherwise.

People around the world are drawn to sunsets, but a few special places have really embraced the sunset as a daily opportunity to give thanks. Being mindful of all the things you have to be thankful for can boost your well-being, research suggests. Practicing gratitude is associated with a sense of overall gladness, improved sleep and even increased patience.

Transcendent spiritual and religious experiences have a positive, healing, restorative effect, especially if they are ‘built in,’ so to speak, to one’s daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual cycles of living.

Our top 5 best spots to watch the sunset

Paradise islands are one of the best locations to enjoy the sunset. Just about anywhere on the west coast of the island will provide you with a beautiful sunset. You may witness the deepest red, orange, pink & blue you will ever see, in your entire life ! So here are our best recommandations for you :

  1. Surin Beach
  2. BagTao Beach
  3. Ya Nui Beach
  4. Mai Khao Beach
  5. Kata Beach

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