Top 3 best Lobster restaurants of Phuket

Lobster is the ultimate in crustaceans. No matter how lobsters are served, you can be guaranteed they will always taste delicious ! Not only it’s a very healthy dish, it’s also one of the must of Thailand. Speedboat Xperience shares with you its best addresses where to eat the King of the Seafood !

Lobster in Phuket

You would be surprised if i tell you that there is a dedicated Festival, called Phuket Lobster Festival ! It even has its own hashtag #Phuketlobster2017 ! The aim of this Festival is to develop local tourism and benefit the locals while highlighting a typical Phuket dish. The 2017 session has been celebrated in more than 200 restaurants and hotels on the island. Phuket Lobster is probably the most popular kind of lobster. If you choose to eat a lobster, its weight should be about 700-800 grams. And for you tknow, the heavier lobster is, the tastier it is.

What makes Phuket Lobster unique and outstanding compared to other lobster species is its thin shell, which gives the Phuket specie more meat. The meat is very rich and sweet, but not mushy. Lobster has a very interesting nutritional value, being a source of several vitamins and minerals, such as copper, selenium, zinc and vitamin B12.

Where to taste the lobster in Phuket ?

Lobster meat can be cooked in a number of ways, for example, steaming, roasting, grilling, and frying. But no matter how the lobster is cooked, you can be guaranteed it will be delicious no matter how you choose for it to be cooked. If you want to enjoy the King of Seafood, here are our recommandation :

  1. Laem Hin (local restaurant)
  2. Savoey (Patong)
  3. Kan Aeng (Pier) (Chalong)

Bon appétit !

NB: The consumption of crustaceans causes frequent allergic reactions. Speedboat Xperience cannot be responsible for any indigestion you may have, while having diner at one of the 3 recommended spots. 

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