Valentine’s day in Thailand

You may not be the kind of romantic person who lives for Valentine’s day, but know that in Thailand, Valentine’s day is ranked the 5th most important day of the year ! Speedboat Xperience shares with you a bit more of your Thai cultural background..

What to offer for Happy Valentine’s day !

Valentine’s Day is very popular among young Thais. Chocolates, stuffed animals or flowers are traditionally offered that day. Merchants set up in front of the schools and wait for the boys to come and buy flowers for their Valentine. Nothing is left to chance, especially not the number of roses offered to his sweetheart. A rose means “the one and only”, while 108 roses correspond … to a marriage proposal!
Moreover, that day, many weddings are celebrated throughout the country. There is even an area in Bangkok well-known for being in the mood for Love ! Bangkok’s Bang Rak district, the traditional district of love, was the early focus, as couples lined up at the district office well before it opened to enter a draw for a gold marriage certificate.

What to do on this special day ?

Every place set up theme night on this special evening. So, you will have plenty of choices on where to celebrate this special evening from roof top, to restaurant, or night-clubs etc. Most of those places may be already booked, and if not, it’ll be packed, no doubt. Therefore, we have the best idea for you during your valentine’s day ! A trip in the islands around Phuket. Pick an island and we handle all the details for you. With our private rental charter service combining luxury, comfort and safety, Speedboat Xperience takes you to an exceptional journey to visit Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Phang Nga, apart from beaten tracks. Away from the beaten path and crowded beaches, Speedboat Xperience will set your mood for Love !

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