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With VIP Transfer, we come to pick you up

With our VIP Transfer service, save time on your arrival in Phuket. 

Our private luxury charter offer, we thought about everything to facilitate your life while you’re on vacation ! Directly from the airport, from your hotel or your villa, regardless of your location in Phuket, you will enjoy a personalized and customized VIP reception.

Book your destination and we take care of the rest!

Our Team is at your service for your best comfort

We’ll pick you up at any place of your location and will put you immediately in great conditions of comfort and relaxation. Without losing a single moment, you will board on our luxury vehicles and reach directly the nearest marina where our speedboat will wait for you.

From there, you‘re heading off, immediately and in a record time, to your final destination.

Book your cruise and once-in-a-lifetime experience !